Critical Design Review

On November 30th, the Rocket Canes will host their first official design review where faculty, alumni, and engineers will give feedback on the vehicle and project as preparations begin for the 2017 Spaceport America Cup.

IREC 2016-2017

The University of Miami is set to compete in the 2017 Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition for the first time in the school's history. We will achieve an apogee of 30,000ft (cruising altitude of a 747!) after spending all year testing and designing the vehicle. This is part of our logarithmic scaling plan as a team. Last year, we went to 3,000 feet. This year, we go to 30,000 feet.

Team Members

German Acosta Quiros
Kawan Amelung
Joseph Tsuji
Alexander Berne
Daniel Morgan
Diego Ortiz
Raden Gustinvil
Jackey Chen
Jacob Wise
Parv Gondalia
Tachaka Ray

Michael Pressman
Josh Dughman
Jeremiah Truesdell
Rachel Lyons
Shayna Hume
Devin Michaels
JP Concha
Justin Johnson
Justin Lei
Michael Lennon

HMR 2015-2016

Third Place

Achieved third place at the Florida Space Grant Consortium's Hybrid Motor Rocket Competition.

By Luis Afiuni Avila

A mediocre team that works together well is rare. A good team that puts together a product is rarer. A team that builds something from nothing, that volunteers long hours and weekends, that stands tall after failures and is ready to make things better after a success, is the stuff of myth. I’m writing this to tell you this project has been fantastic.
This competition was an opportunity for undergraduate students to prove that engineering at the University of Miami was worth its prestige. It was an opportunity for us to dive deep into the engineering process in a way no class, no lecture, and no assignment could replicate. It grew from a few shared hopes and developed into a reality better than our wildest dreams.
We could not have made it this far without the friends we’ve made along the way. The connections forged along the way will continue to reward us in whatever programs we choose to develop. We’d especially like to thank: Angel Morciego and Ilia Aleman, the machinists whose experience and wisdom was worth their weight in gold; Dr. Ines Basalo who graciously allowed us to work in her Measurements Laboratory; Dean Jean-Pierre Bardet who allowed us to perform tests at the College and supported our efforts; Dr. Ryan Karkkainen for advising and supporting the project; the engineers at Syntheon for their mentoring; and plenty of other faculty and staff at UM.
To some of the other teams competing, this may have been a cool side-project. To us, this was the first step of many awaiting us. The experiences, resources, and connections from this year will only by carried forward in our momentum.
Rocket Canes, whether we win or lose, I cannot say thank you enough. I’ve been honored to work with you. I’m blessed to keep doing so. Let’s keep moving forward.

Fly high my friends,
German Acosta Quiros
Rocket Canes Project Manager 2015 – 2016

2015-2016 Team Members

German Acosta Quiros
Kawan Amelung
Joseph Tsuji
Jan Paul Schnabel
Shayna Hume
Leonardo Costa
Raden Gustinvil
Ziyi Zhuang
Joseph Saad

David Grossman
Brehnden Daly
Jeremiah Truesdell
Rachel Lyons
Kai Weitekamper
Devin Michaels
Rob Foster
Rob Haislmaier
Justin Lei

The Rocket


Carbon Fiber




Stratologger CF


3D printed nosecone

Aluminum Angel

The Aluminum Angel was our in-house made-from-scratch static testing rig, and the first complete product we created as a rocket team. Check out the static test videos using the Aluminum Angel! We melt some asphalt!


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